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Company History

2011年 5月

Contract of domain name reseller with Melbourne IT,
a world's largest domain name registration company, has been concluded.

2011年 5月

PayPal, a global online payment system, has been installed.

2010年 2月

Ukash, an international voucher payment system, has been installed.

2009年 12月

Payment system for 3D virtual world game "Second Life" was developed
and installed.

March 2009

DigitalSwift (VPS / Virtual Private Server hositing servise) English version opened.

February 2009

Buttobi.net Advertise
    updated Guaranteed Click plan to Guaranteed Term plan.
    added reasonable mini text ads.

English version of Buttobi.net Advertise opened.

January 2009

English version of Buttobi.net opened.
English version of BUTTOBI-WAVE opened.

October 2008

English version of company website opened.

October 2006

Corporation reorganizes and is renamed to "SurgeSpace Corporation".
Capital is increased to 10,000,000 Yen.

July 2006

SurgeSpace increases data center lines.

June 2006

Internet radio BUTTOBI-WAVE updated.

January 2006

SurgeSpace's data center is strengthened.

Nov 2005

Buttobi.net updated.

September 2005

Internet radio service BUTTOBI-WAVE started.

June 2005

Company website updated.

June 2005

Buttobi.net Advertising adds Flash Advertisement plan.

February 2005

Buttobi.net Advertising updated.
Buttobi.net Advertising adds Guaranteed Display plan.

January 2005

Buttobi.net updated.

December 2004

Buttobi.net Advertising updates Guaranteed Term plan
to Guaranteed Click plan.

October 2004

Buttobi.net Advertising (internet advertising service) opened.
(Guaranteed Term format)

June 2004

Buttobi.net Blog service opened.

February 2004

Buttobi.net Guestbook service opened.

December 2003

PAKAPEKO ONLINE (access analysis) service opened.

November 2003

MailyWeb introduces new dedicated server hosting plan with special offer.
MailyWeb updated.

April 2003

SurgeSpace data center established.

October 2002

MailyWeb (high performance web hosting) service opened.

August 2002

Buttobi.net (free web hosting) service opened.
INCOMING.JP paid hosting plans started.

May 2002

INCOMING.JP opened with Media Exchange backbone.