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At SurgeSpace, CEO Yamasaki, who developed a module music player which plays music from score data after combined PCM by programming and who has experience of development for a lot of game softwares in the game industry, directly gives technical guidance to employees.

If you want to develop with high level techniques routinely more than getting high salary, moreover if you want to add your original ideas to programming and develop something better, if you want to get outstanding bonus when your developed item becomes a hit even though you get low salary usually, our working place will be suitable and have a lot of flexibility for you.

If you think that the most important condition is high salary, don't think that you want to use advanced technique and want the company to listen to your own ideas, this company does not be suitable for you. SurgeSpace values results of employees, so if you require high salary before you achieve results, this company doesn't fit you.

If you feel the joy what your skill improves day by day and want to work in the environment where high leveled technique is used generally, you will be most appropriate to the company.

Wouldn't you like have your specialized skills utilized and improve it in a homey environment and open corporate culture which are good points of small company? Have some great ideas? Let's work together.

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