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Job Duties: Web Programmer / Developer

 Blogs and free web server provided by SurgeSpace are not operated by CGI but are developed and operated original daemon (server software corresponding to Apache). By this technique has materialized much less overhead processing speed without wasted process than using combined CGI and web server such as Apache.

It is important that you materialize your idea actually with a thought that if there's feature something like this and if it becomes like this..., however if you improve your programming skills and become a person who develops a certain level of assignment (ex. original webserver) easily, you will be able to materialize your idea more and more.

SurgeSpace continues to challenge new enjoyable techinics more and more as well as materializes enjpyable services.

[ Main Duties ]
- Development, management and adding function of our web software and
  internet services (100% self-developed product)
- Development of iPhone & Android game application
- Setting and management of Linux server
- Other related office work

[ Wanted who ]
- Enjoy working with computers and the internet
- Have imagination and creativity
- Can express themselves through programming and web development
- Can see an assignment through to the end
- Have good communication
  and interpersonal skills
- Are motivated to explore their curiosity
- Maintain a positive attitude

[ Unstable who ]
- Admire oneself and are very confident in one's ability
- Is just saying that such as "I can do it" before start it or
  don't have much experience it (no responsibility for one's words)
- Cannot say thank you
- Don't like cleanup

Job Opportunity

Position Web Programmer / Developer (System Engineer)
Type of Employment Full-time
Salary Depending on your programming knowledge and the speed
- Salary is negotiable, based on the candidate's experience and ability.
- First 3 months are probation period
Requirements - Working visa (Engineer visa) holder in Japan
- Oral and written communication skills in English
- Japanese language ability not required, but a plus point
- Experienced programming skills with
Objective-C(iPhone) and Java(Android)
- Linux knowledge
* Professional experience is not required,
however strong programming skills are essential.
- Commuting time within 1 hour
Accessibility 2 minute walk from Akabane station West exit.
[ MAP ]

JR Saikyo Line - Keihin Tohoku line - Utsunomiya Line - Takasaki line - Shonan Shinjuku Line
Working Hours 09:00~18:00 (including 1 hour break)
Days off
Vacation Time
Weekends/national holidays off, summer and winter vacation as well as paid holidays.
Benefits - Social insurance (health insurance, pension plan, employment insurance, industrial injury insurance)
- Retirement benefit system (more than 3 year of work completed)
- Transportation fees are paid
- Every months we evaluate your salary
- Bonuses
Work Environment - Separate smoking area
- No dress code
Selection Process 1) Applicant screening
2) Online programming skill tests
3) Written test/programming test and
     interview at our company
4) Job offer
- Resume
- Cover Letter
How to Apply We accept applications at any time.

To apply, please click the link below and complete the form on the following page.

Details regarding the required skill assessment questionnaire and document submission will be sent to you.