About us

What we do, what is our vision.

SurgeSpace Services

The basic concept of SurgeSpace is to develop network communications software and provide them to the public.
We plan and develop our own projects, and deal with the management and sales promotion. Our slogan, "more enjoyable, more convenient", applies to how we develop communications software, and to how we provide our various services.

SurgeSpace's Vision

When was it that computers and the internet, which many people now use on a daily basis, became such a familiar part of our lives? Probably, since around 1990 that their presence started to rapidly expand, and they became an everyday feature of our homes. There are already some young people for whom the Internet has been around for as long as they can remember.

Why did computers and the internet so rapidly come to be a part of our daily lives? Of course, the fact that technical advancements have meant that they can be used without specialist knowledge is important, but perhaps the first reason that comes to mind is because they are so useful. You can use computers to arrange your photographs, as well as create documents for work. Many tasks that were previously troublesome can now be handled by computers.

However, maybe you can say that above all, the most important reason is "enjoyment". Music and movies, as well as communication... Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that everything we enjoy today can be obtained using computers.

At SurgeSpace, our motto is "More Enjoyable, More Convenient". Not just fun, and not just useful. We do our best everyday to maintain these two factors, as well as constantly striving for something more.

SurgeSpace's Corporate Culture - High effort, high return

In order to be able to provide enjoyable and convenient services to users, we first have to enjoy our work. Regardless of what the work is, what we strive for at SurgeSpace is curiosity and vigor, as well as an attitude not sparing great effort.

Of course, working is not something that is always fun, but SurgeSpace is a company most suited to those people who enjoy, and take interest in, their work, even through the hardships.

"High effort, high return" - people who work hard are rewarded - this is what Mr. Yamazaki, the company CEO, believes.