Development for More Enjoyable, More Convenient

Not just fun, and not just useful. We do our best everyday to maintain these two factors, as well as constantly striving for something more.

What We Do

We design & develop highest performance system for brands


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows, Linux, DOS
  • Game Machine (PS, SS, NES, GB, Arcade...)


  • 2D (Standard, Responsive)
  • 2D/3D VR, AR, MR
  • Web design, Blog, Internet Radio
  • Business, Game, Reading


  • Swift,  Java, Ruby, Kotlin
  • Javascript, node.js, PHP, Python, Pascal
  • C, C++, Assembler, BASIC, COBOL

Software development

Mr Yukinori Yamazaki has lot of programming experience and we inherit the technique. Game software, Original high speed web/ftp/list/dns server(daemon), Network and Clouding process, Picture/Video analyzing process, 3DSMax/AfterEffects/PremierePro plugins, VR, AR, MR, Deep learning process and more...
We supports Mobile/PC, iOS/Android and so on.

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Multimedia Creation

Mr Yukinori Yamazaki has his own YouTube channel and there are almost 2 million subscribers. The channel's maximum daily view record so far was about 6 million. He sometimes use Visual Effects(VFX) in the video like hollywood movie. Tracking, Masked frames or Green back, Synthesize the layers and make Mixed Reality video. Moreover, we can make Virtual YouTuber with Boned 3D model and motion capture device.

Book writing

Mr Yukinori Yamazaki wrote several technical books and articles. A book about how to make Mega demo what is technical competition of graphical demonstration program. A book about how to make Game program what is multi tasking program. When he was Game coder, there is no game engine like Unity or Unreal engine. Therefore, Coder have to make multi tasked program by hisself with assember.

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About Us

SurgeSpace Services

The basic concept of SurgeSpace is to develop communications software and provide them to the public.

We plan and develop our own projects, and deal with the management and sales promotion. Our slogan, "more enjoyable, more convenient", applies to how we develop communications software, and to how we provide our various services.

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Case Studies

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