Portfolio of publication

An introduction to the books and magazines that the CEO, Mr. Yukinori Yamazaki, has contributed to thus far.
And he was game coder before found here company.

Becoming a game programmer

A game programmer's algorithm with sample programs.

Aim to be a game programmer for beginner

Game programming explained with DirectX for beginners.

Making Megademos
Demonstration program to attract viewers.

MEGADEMO technology released.
Introduce Megademo competitions and the programming.

DirectX Graphics Programming

DirectX programming expands the world of Windows graphics.

Java Applet 969

Applet with source code, geat for learning Java programming.
(GoldenWeedsProject is previous company name)

Visual Basic DirectX Programming

Manage DirectX freely!

How to make a i-appli by DoJa

Technical book for a mobile application programming.

How to make a i-appli by Java

Technical book for a mobile application programming.

C Magazine

1998, Issue 3 (p.30) Megademo Production.
1999, Issue 12 (p.30) Explaining the new features of DirectX.

DOS/V Magazine

1996 through 1997, Series article titled "INSIDE PC GRAPHICS".
Since 1995, Game/tool/title/3D review and so on.

DOS/V Magazine Multimedia

1996, Issue 3 Graphic tools review article.
1996, Issue 4 Multimedia products review article.


1996, Issue 10 (p.74,76) How to install IDE and SCSI HDD.
1997, Issue 1 (p.117) Make a block-breaking game and more.


1997 Issue (p.44) Explanation of all Direct3D functions.

Multimedia Operations

Chap.1 Sec.2, SVGA Programming
Chap.5 Sec.1-2, Programming Sound Blaster.

Internet Mania

Jan.1998 (p.108) Progress! Megademo World!

IBM PC & DOS/V Application Handbook 2

Chap.4 SVGA graphics faster and simply.