Portfolio of development

An introduction to our development and operations to thus far.
Mr.Yukinori Yamazaki was Game coder before found here company.


Free Portal Site (Blogs, Web hosting, Guestbooks, Internet Radio)
Original developped web/blog server.
Founded 2002 and oprating it but closed to new signup.


Virtual Private Server(VPS) service.
Founded 2009, and operated 11 years until 2020.


High Performance Web Hosting service.
Founded 2002, and operated 16 years until 2018.


Low-Priced Multi-Functional Web Hosting service.
Founded 2002, and operated 16 years until 2018.


Real time web access tracking, web messaging, and more.
The user can see entire information on our website.
An application named PakapekoJr can be use to real time view as well.

Wonder Editor

A tool integrating a dot editor and map editor like CE, for creating character and other sprites, as well as backgrounds and maps, for use in commercial games.
Output format can be for PC Engine, Super Nintendo or Sega Saturn.

CharageLand (BANDAI)

Mobile game appli with YAMATO and GUNDAM.
We create the plans, drew graphics, composed SFX and BGM and developped.

WonderGate Emulator (BANDAI)

An emulator for Wonder Gate, a communications adapter for the WonderSwan handheld gaming unit.
The emulator runs on a PC, and as it connects directly through the PC's Internet connection, it eliminated problems with phone reception and so forth, and was used at game shows.

IMO (Network game)

Data exchanges were made using BBS chat rooms, with the data being converted into text.
This features became an article in the color pages of the magazine "JOYPC", published by IDG Japan.

Buttobi Wave DJ

Real time sound mixing program for internet radio on Buttobi.net.
It can be mixing voice, SFX and BGM. Moreover, voice changer included.

Megademo: Super Reality

Language: Assembler.
The first Megademo in Japan.
March 12, 1995

Intro: GWP demo

Language: Assembler.
First intro in Japan.
November 27, 1995

Intro: SIDEKICK intro

Language: Assembler.
An Intro requested by Rune Hansen from Norway, for his BBS.
April 20, 1996

Demo for Windows

Language: WatcomC
This simple demo program was created in Windows for an article in C Magazine (Softbank Publishing).
January 10, 1993 C Magazine (March 1993 issue)

Super Reality 2 Trailer

Language: Assembler + WatcomC
Small trailer for SuperReality2 produced for an article in C Magazine (Softbank publishing).
January 10, 1998 C Magazine (March 1993 issue)

Multi Module Music Player

Generate PCM waveform by music sequence and timbre samples in realtime.
Suppoered file format are MOD, S3M, IT, XM, STM, ULT, MTM and MMM.
Language: Assembler + WatcomC
March 1, 1998


High speed 3D calculation and rendering engine.
Language: Assembler + Visual C
VooDoo and DirectX drivers, and developed to automatically switch between them, depending on the user environment.


Processing the playback Module music and SFX.
Language: Assembler + Visual C

And more...

We made another programs as well, iOS appli, Android appli, VR/MR/AR, Plugins of 3DSMAX/LightWave/AdobePremierePro, and more...